Who We Are

"By All Means Necessary"

Alternative Medicines and Holistic Therapies. Twenty22Many - Olympia Mission Statement: “By All Means Necessary - End Veteran Suicide”. Twenty22Many’s ‘Esprit de Corps’ is the centerpiece to our approach in ending veteran suicides. We strongly believe a life worth living for a veteran is a life filled with purpose and love, we try to always come from a place of love.

Life for veterans is all about the man or woman standing to our right and/or to our left. We are losing veterans at the rate of 22 a day... On any scale that would be considered a failed system, of epic proportions. That system is as real as the air we breathe and it has a name, the VA.

322 4th AVE E. Olympia, WA. United States 98501

OPEN 10am - 5pm WEEKDAYS

(closed to public on weekends for private events)

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