VA Medicine

(Veteran Approved)

Still Under Construction

Welcome to the first Veteran Approved Medicine (Cannabis) Product Program in the State. The Veterans of Twenty22Many will be going out into the 502-Retail Cannabis Market and each of us selecting different types of Cannabis & Hemp products. It is our hope that the Veterans of Twenty22Many, with collectively over 150 years of cannabis use, hope to single out the different product types currently available that we find help Veterans and Veteran type injuries. Such as PTSD, TBI, Phantom Limb,etc etc etc.


We, with the help of the cannabis community, will be creating a standard questionnaire for the testing of the 502 Cannabis/Hemp Products we choose. If we as a group of Veterans all agree that said product is effective then it will make our exclusive list of "Twenty22Many Veteran Approved Medicine/Cannabis".


If you have a product or know of a good product and would like our educated and experienced Veterans to review it, please email us at As soon as the Questionnaire for the review is complete we will post on our website and social media.


So get that cherished "VETERAN APPROVED" stamp for your favorite 502-product.

322 4th AVE E. Olympia, WA. United States 98501

OPEN 10am - 5pm WEEKDAYS

(closed to public on weekends for private events)

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