Twenty22Many Veteran Support Depots

Are you interested in becoming a Twenty22Many Veteran Support Depot? Below we have laid out the requirements and benefits of becoming a partner in this project.



  • Offer a Veteran Discount and or become a participant in the Washington State Compassion Care Program, which will provide some much needed financial relief for Veteran Medical Cannabis Patients. Many veterans are on limited income and many are spending thousands of dollars per year to cover their holistic health choices. Note: veteran pharmaceuticals are free through the VA for life, as well as nontaxable.

  • Be a Medically Endorsed Cannabis Retailer (ensuring patients/veterans have access to organic and pesticide free cannabis products).

  • Participate in the Twenty22Many monthly Veteran Program fundraiser. The 22nd of every month becomes a day of awareness as your staff raises awareness about Veteran Suicide and take part in reducing the suicide epidemic ravaging our Veteran Heroes at the rate of 22 per day. We will provide literature for you to distribute to your patrons about our organization. All proceeds and donations are to be used to benefit the veterans in our community through our charity organization, Twenty22Many-Olympia.

  • $222 monthly donation from each participating store to the Twenty22Many 501(c)3 organization. Insuring the continuation of our mission and helping us provide the much needed support that our veterans can find no where else.


  • Your shop will be featured on our online Veteran Support Depot Map showcasing retail shops that support veterans and the end of the veteran suicide epidemic.

  • You will be issued a Twenty22Many window decal signifying that you participate in the Twenty22Many Support Depot Program and the Monthly Fundraiser.

Please direct any questions or requests to the following email: