Twenty22Many Special Announcement

Twenty22Many Special Announcement:

With a heavy heavy heart I have a few announcements about Twenty22Many-Olympia. As you all are aware COVID has taken a huge toll on everyone and every industry and every organization in the U.S. As you also know Twenty22Many’s survival has been fully dependent on the generosity of those believing in our mission of ending Veterans suicide. We do not feel comfortable continuing our campaign of fundraising during these most trying of times for all. We will be canceling our two biggest fundraising events in light of COVID.

1) Cancelled - Twenty22Many Veterans Suicide Awarness March 2) Cancelled - Twenty22Many VIP and Merch Booth at Seattle Hempfest 3) Closing down our downtown location in Olympia in November. If not for the generosity of our landlord we would be closing this month. Our landlord dropped our rent by half until our lease is up in November. 4) Twenty22Many will also no longer be a Non-Exempt organization until we can rebuild after the damage of COVID. The rigors of keeping a Tax Exempt Non-Profit is simply not doable. For financial and personnel reasons.

I will be stepping back during this transition from President to Spokesman & Founder. After nearly 7 years I have found a Veteran willing and more importantly able to take over as President.

Please welcome Eric Rhetta (Marine Corp Veteran) to President of Twenty22Many. Eric will be taking the reigns and helping us take this organization to the next level. That next level obviously now will take a while with the current state of affairs. 

Our mission: To end veteran suicide by all means necessary will never change and we do not need any special titles to continue our mission effectively.

Special thanks to Jinx who just did a fundraiser for us and raised over $1,000 for our cause. What an incredible blessing during these most trying of times.

The amount of Veterans we have helped and the nationwide awareness we have been able to provide is something we are and forever will be proud of.

Real Talk:

Listen I have been fighting for Veterans and fighting to end veteran suicide for nearly a decade. As I sit here today the Veteran Suicide rates and civilian suicide rates are going up. We have now lost more veterans to suicide then we lost in 2 Vietnam wars. Let that sink in. What can we or anyone do to be more effective in fighting veteran suicide when so blatantly we live with a government that simply does not care. Imagine if Veteran Suicide got as much attention as COVID. Do the lives of veterans not matter? What will it take to get Veteran Suicide on the national radar? These are all questions I do not have answers to and it breaks my heart. To me it’s simple. Do whatever it takes to care for those who provide the freedom we all enjoy. Nothing in this country is possible if not for freedom. No demographic has sacrificed more for your freedom than the veteran community. That has got matter. Our Veteran men and woman deserve and have earned more than $8,000+ suicides a year for over a decade. America is better than that.