Evergreen Gro-Pro Comes Through for Veterans

Great story! Real People! Incredible Growers! This is a picture of Frank and Patrick. In the middle of one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever stepped foot in... Frank is a Veteran owned 502 Producer Processor... Frank genuinely cares about fighting Veteran Suicide.... Evergreen Gro-Pro is officially the first Producer/Processor in Washington State to give a donation to Twenty22Many... Frank handed us a check today for $650 and stated he would also be donating 2% of all sales from his company. Indefinitely... Before Frank decided to donate this money to us he went to his staff and asked for there permission.. You see he was not able to do both... Give a donation to us and make payroll... Unanimously his staff voted to get paid at a later date so Twenty22Many could receive this donation... True Story! Real selfless people... What a blessing and a relief.... Thank you from our hearts Evergreen Gro-Pro... "By All Means Necessary - End Veteran Suicide" Patrick Saint

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