Jeff Staker Interview for  Hightimes and the Twenty22Many
Veteran Chronicles

   Welcome back to the Veteran Chronicles and the last Hightimes issue of 2020. One of the
wildest years in the history of our country without a doubt. This month I’m traveling to the
Midwest to visit our first state that has no decriminalization no Medicinal and no retail
legalization. Only CBD oil can be found in the Hoosier State of Indiana.

   This month I have the honor of interviewing Jeff Staker. A proud U.S. Marine and now
incredibly busy Cannabis - Opiate Addiction - Veteran Suicide Prevention Activist. Turns out
myself and Mr. Staker both served in the Marine Corp on the same base (K-Bay - Kaneohe
Bay) in Hawaii just a decade apart. This guy was a bad ass to say the least. A true warrior.


   Jeff served as a Marine Corp Scout Sniper for 11 years. Marine Corp Scout Sniper School is
one of the hardest military schools in the world. Then for the past 22 years he has worked in
DoD (Department of Defense) Security Police and retired as a DoD Civilian Firefighter in
2018. Through the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars), American Legion and DAV (Disabled
American Veterans) Jeff has been a champion fighting for veterans rights all across the
board. Also, educating veterans making the transition from active duty to civilian life.

   Educating all veterans about the benefits of Medical Cannabis and fighting addiction to
opiates through Medical Cannabis Therapy. Mr. Staker found Medical Cannabis in 2018 as a
Medical Cannabis Patient and has since brazenly contacted his local prosecutor and notified
him that he would be using cannabis to heal.

   A true activist practicing his civil disobedience and constitutional right to use this natural
healing medicine. Mr. Staker is the founder of Hoosiers Veterans for Medical Cannabis Inc.
Definitely the single hardest working Veterans organization in Indiana fighting for Veterans
Access to Medical Cannabis. I hope you enjoy the Q&A with this warrior from Indiana.
Quote from Jeff Staker:

“The cost of the freedom we share is buried under the battlerounds we and our fellow
Veterans fought upon, paid with our blood and of all who deserved to bare the torch on our
States’ Flag for this campaign can be none other than you the Hoosier Veteran”


   Answer to question:
13. There is a scene in the HBO series “Band Of Brothers” where the American
forces liberate a Nazi Concentration Camp. As the troops make there way into the
camp they can see countless Jewish prisoners way beyond malnourishment and
starvation. As their hearts are moved to pity and compassion at scenes of the
walking dead the American troops immediately start giving all the Jewish prisoners
their food and Anything the troops could find in a near by village they would give to
the desperately hungry prisoners. Thinking they were helping. When in fact they
were doing more harm than good. Once the division doctors arrived however they
told the troops to stop feeding the prisoners because they would in fact kill them.
Jewish prisoners were malnourished for so long that their ability to process food was
severely compromised. This is a very real correlation to what is happening to veterans and the devastating numbers were seeing with veterans and opiate addiction epidemic. The past few years has seen a drastic drop in doctors at the VA prescribing opiates to veterans with nothing to replace the opiates. These VA doctors are cutting off Veterans after years and years of opiate prescriptions with essentially no back up. This is one place where Medical Cannabis Legalization comes into play and is absolutely vital. Pharmaceuticals are the real gateway drugs we have been
warned about, leading to only more overdose deaths, turning to street drugs
and unfortunately coming to wits end and taking their own lives.

   Cannabis can play the role of Exit Drug if only given the chance. Just like the jews in
the Concentration Camps these veterans systems have also been severely
compromised from years and years of unchecked opiate prescriptions practices.
Leaving no real back up plan in place to properly heal the veterans back to a healthy
and functional way of life. Mr. Staker fears that without access to Medical Cannabis
Indiana will continue to see high overdoses amongst Hoosier veterans and citizens.