Twenty22Many Veteran Chronicles With Elton Avelar

   Hello my fellow veterans, Hightimes readers and supporters. Welcome back to the Twenty22Many
Veteran Chronicles. This month I’m very excited to bring you an amazing story about a special Combat
Veteran and cannabis advocate named Elton Avelar. This man served his country proudly in the U.S.
Army during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and is also the proud father of two.
Elton is the founder of the veterans only organization from the P.N.W. called B2B (Boots-2-Buds). B2B
is based in Washington State and let me tell you these veterans are doing very big things for military
veteran growers from all over the United States.

   Elton and I first crossed paths when he attended one of our Twenty22Many Safe Access Markets for
veterans and patients. Elton and a few of his veteran brothers came walking in our back door with
dozens of boxes of nutrients, dozens of bags of soil, growing pots, clone trays etc etc. They unloaded
FREE growing equipment and nutrients for almost an hour. What a blessing. I found out very quickly
that this group selflessly enables veterans from all walks of life to learn how to grow cannabis. Before
veterans visit this page daily the members are required to check their attitudes and politics of the day at the door. Unless it’s cannabis related please go elsewhere. No judgment. No hate. Just respect and
kindness demanded for all its members. Veterans only! All things cannabis only! My kind of group.
Let’s dive right into the Q&A for Elton and the B2B Organization.

Q: Hello Elton. Can you please introduce yourself?

A: Elton Avelar, I am married with 2 kids. I grew up in Southern California (San Diego). I joined the
ARMY in 2012 as an Engineer (12N). Did one tour to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring
Freedom. I was stationed in JBLM WA and in Germany. Medically discharged in 2018. I came to the
PNW in late 2018 after my time in service and that’s when I started getting involved in the Cannabis


Q: Where did you come up with the name Boots-2-Buds?

A: I literally came up with Boots 2 Buds one day on my way to work. I arrived and I told a coworker
(also a veteran) about my idea and name. He was so excited about it and that same day I created B2B. I
wanted a name that sounded catchy and that just the name itself would describe what the group was all
about. Boots obviously to represent service and Buds is a double meaning 1. For cannabis 2. To
represent the comradery in the group because although we come from all walks of life we have 2 things
in common, Military Service, and healing through cannabis. As a result Boots 2 Buds became the


Q: Please walk us through your thoughts process in creating this amazing resource for veterans.

A: The reason I created B2B (Founded Feb. 2020) was because when I started growing I joined so
many cannabis groups to ask questions and get help fast. That wasn’t the case though. I noticed no one
was getting help and instead they made fun of or joked about the question. So much toxicity and hate in most places I looked. I said to myself, if I’m not getting help or answers someone else is in the same
situation as me. I chose to do something about it and created a place for veterans to feel safe and
comfortable asking all the questions they need and getting help from fellow veterans.I refer to B2B as a group because it is the members who make it all happen. All I did was provide a
space and pitch an idea and a lot of like-minded vets keep it going. We fought our fight and some are
still fighting their own battle but B2B is a place where they can come and forget about their battles.


Q: Please explain to our veteran readers the requirements for joining the Boot-2-Buds page on


A: The requirements to join B2B are simple, providing proof of service and agreeing to follow the
group’s rules. Group’s rules are:


   1. Be kind and courteous
  2. No hate speech or bullying
  3. No promotions or spam
  4. Respect everyone’s privacy
  5. No buying/selling/ or trading medication
  6. No politics or Religion

Q: Most veterans that have been saved by Cannabis have a moment when they realized cannabis was in
fact their savior and in most cases a replacement to big Pharma being pushed on them by the VA. When did you realize Cannabis was the answer to your healing process?


A: I started growing as a hobby and realized that it was very therapeutic and it kept me busy. I wanted
to help others as well as myself so it was a no brainer. Plus you know exactly what’s in the end product
because you grew it yourself. Haven’t taken any prescription medication since my first harvest.


Q: How many veterans are currently active on the Boots-2-Buds Facebook Page?

A: We currently have 403 members. The number of members changes every month. Members are
removed when they are inactive for over a month. When we help members out all we ask in return is
activity on the page to see how the equipment or whatever we donated helped them out. That doesn’t
always happen so we remove members who are taking from others who really need the help. Since we
can mainly help based on donations we have to make sure that the help goes to the ones who need it
most first.


Q: The Boot-2-Buds page welcomes the most seasoned of growers to growers who have never grown
in his/her life. Why do you think this page has been so successful in reaching veteran growers all across


A: I think this page has been so successful because you’re surrounded by people who you’ve never met
but they understand the struggles. Members should be able to join and immediately notice the positive
energy in the group and not be judged by anyone. Another great way to heal is by engaging in
conversations and interact with others in the group in the video chats.


Q: Please give a shout out to those veterans working with you behind the scenes that have made Boots-
2-Buds such a huge success.


A: Shout-out to Randy Peacock, Jesse Adams, David King, Hunter Hilkirk, and Billy Cook for helping
manage the page. Shout out to @ISNW88 on IG for the awesome artwork.


Q: Time to name drop. I have witnessed you giving away just about everything to do with growing cannabis to the members of Boots-2-Buds. Almost on a weekly basis. From seeds (genetics), lights,
nutrients, grow tents to soil. Boots-2-Buds is constantly having very impressive giveaway/donations on
the page. What organizations or distributors have played a key roll in supporting this veteran group and
the wonderful giveaways you are able to provide to its veteran members?

A: I want to thank many companies for their contributions this past year:

  1. •Olympia Genetics

  2. •The Bakery Genetics

  3. •2 Guns and a Guy Seed Co.

  4. •Hawthorne gardening

  5. •Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG)

  6. •Diamond Cut Co

  7. •Patriots Helping Vets (Veteran Group)

  8. •Jinxproof

  9. •Fishshit

  10. •Mason Brite

  11. •Project_Delta

  12. •Seattle Chronic Seeds

  13. •StinkBud

   I’m sure I’m forgetting many more so I apologize.

Q: Where do you see Boots-2-Buds a year from now?

A: I don’t know where we’ll be 1 year from now but I know I would like to be able to do a lot more
and maybe even start an operation in Washington State.

Q: Besides the main Boots-2-Buds page on Facebook where can veterans and supporters find Boots-2-
Buds on other social media platforms?

A: B2B is on Facebook, IG, and Discord.

Q: What is your all time favorite cut?

A: My favorite cut would have to be Oompas from MichiganRootz420

Q: When do you see the end of cannabis prohibition?

A: It’s hard to say when this prohibition will end but I hope it’s soon. Many don’t see it or they choose
not to but Cannabis saves lives. Especially for the veteran community. Let’s end veteran suicide, 22 is
too many.