Elev8 Veterans

   Yes! We’re back again and The Twenty22Many Veteran Chronicles are proud to bring you this months
Veteran Advocate Couple for the third straight month. This time from The Centennial state of Colorado.
Please welcome the Veteran, Cannabis and Vape Awareness Organization, Elev8 Veterans run by the
lovely couple Theresa Devorak (Army veteran) and Steve Kelnhofer.

   The title for this organization could not be more accurate because Elev8 Veterans is doing just as the
name implies - Elevating Veterans to Wellness. Not only in the state of Colorado but all over this
country. Twenty22Many first started working with “Elev8 Veterans” nearly two years ago. When out of
the blue Elev-8 Veterans donated to our Twenty22Many organization a state of the art Vape & Dab
Vehicle called the Super Surfer. A nearly $500 Vape System for our Twenty22Many HQ. All because
they believed in our mission/motto and wanted our Veterans to be able to medicate and get “elevated” safely. This is a small part of the Elev8 Veterans mission.

   The Elev8 Veterans Hub in Washington state that is run by the absolutely incredible couple named
Mathew Baril and Renae Ely. Twice a month for over a year they have volunteered at the S.A.M. Safe
Access Market hosted by Twenty22many that allows only Cannabis Patients and Veterans. The new
Patient to Patient Medical Cannabis experience hosted twice a month at the Twenty22Many HQ. At
every market Elev8 sets up a state of the art vape/dab lounge for veterans and patients. FREE dabs and
vapes all day. What a blessing.

   Elev8 Veterans continues seeking out Veterans in need or Veteran Organizations in order to donate
these Vape Vehicles. Which by the way is the second safest way to ingest cannabis. Doctors will always
tell you that the safest way to take in medical cannabis is as follows. Eat/Drink, Vape/Dab or Smoke.
Now on to our questions.

Q & A

Q 1) Where did the name Elev-8 come from? What’s the back story on your organizations title?

A) Elev8 was the name of the organization I chose to partner with and our parent company. Elev8 Glass
are glass blowers and manufacture consumption devices. (Find their website here:
https://www.elev8glassgallery.com/ )


Q 2) How many Elev-8 chapters/hubs do you have across America and the world?

A) As of this moment there are 4 working chapters in the state of Colorado and one hub in Washington
State. I have just partnered with other states and will be traveling there in the next year to launch
chapters. Fayetteville NC, Missouri, Colorado.


Q 3) I strongly believe that volunteers make the world go round. Without selfless volunteers helping
organizations like yours and ours at Twenty22Many we would be doomed. What volunteers at Elev-8
would you like to recognize for their generosity and esprit de corps?


A) Twenty22Many and Matt and Renee Baril from Washington State.

Q 4) I understand that you are actively searching for a space in Colorado to open a Veterans Lounge
that’s cannabis friendly. Kind of like the VFW minus the alcohol and bar but adding a healthy vape
lounge for veterans to medicate cannabis safely and effectively. How’s that coming along?


A) Governor Jared Polis has signed two new cannabis bills into law. One allows cannabis delivery as
an option of the state, the other gives Coloradans the right to establish and visit social use cannabis
lounges. While we wait for those bills to go into effect, I do have a glass blowing studio that we do
consume at and have events. I have a great office and lounge here in our warehouse. I am working hard
but cannabis is still frowned on here even while recreational is legal.


Q 5) Does Colorado have legal delivery services? If yes who do you recommend for Veterans? As you
know some veterans with disabilities need to have their medicine delivered because they have no
means for transportation.


A) The law just passed and it remains to be seen what companies will be providing delivery services
and which ones will cater to veterans needs.


Q 6) Please tell our readers about the Vape (vehicle) portion of your organization’s business. Your Vape
Vehicles are legendary.


A) We no longer make or sell vapes. With the new laws we now make and sell vehicles. One of the
healthiest ways to consume cannabis in the world. This part was built 17 years ago by my partner Steve
in his garage through our parent company Elev8 Glass Blowing


Q 7) How can Veterans and Volunteers find and be a part of The Elev-8 Colorado Movement?

A) Our website. Please reach out to me at www.elev8veterans.com

Q 8) Where do you see Elev-8 in 10 years?

A) Being recognized by the VA and having an active part of education within the Veteran Affairs.

Q 9) Will we see the end of Cannabis Prohibition in our lifetime?

A) Yes.

Q 10) As a follow up to the previous question. Will the VA write cannabis prescription’s in our life
time? Our do you think these two go hand in hand?


A) Oh, I hope and pray that they can help subsidize our medical marijuana cost. They pay for the pills
they give us so why not the cannabis? However, I am okay if they don't. I just wish they would not
scare or bully veterans into taking pills.