Eddie Lepp Interview for 4/20 Issue of Hightimes and the Twenty22Many
Veteran Chronicles

   Welcome back to the Twenty22Many Veteran Chronicles and the most celebrated month of
Hightimes Magazine. The 4/20 issue! I can’t think of a better or more well known Veteran and
Cannabis Activist to interview than this months guest. The notorious Charles Edward Lepp.
Otherwise known as Eddy Lepp.

   This interview is coming in from the gold state of California. This particular interview is
incredibly important for few different reasons. First, because it’s for the 4/20 issue of
Hightimes as mentioned. Second, Eddie has been a activist for veterans, patients, prisoners
and cannabis for decades. Last and most certainly not least, during this entire interview which
I have been working on for the past 6 months (on & off) Eddy has been in and out of radiation
therapy and is fighting to survive. Just like his father before him Medical Cannabis is saving
his life.

   For those who don’t know Eddy Lepp he is a Vietnam Era Veteran and a has been a cannabis
activist for decades. Eddy served nearly an entire decade (8.5 years) behind bars in prison for
cannabis cultivation. At one point on Eddy’s farm he had nearly 30,000 plants. All in plain view
of state highway-20 in Northern California. Setting the bar to new levels in regards to Civil
disobedience, Eddy would allow California Medical Cannabis Patients to come on his (20
acre) property and grow Medical Cannabis on a scale unheard of for the times. Just one of
the many ways he put the care and compassion of his patients before his own well being.
Immediately after Eddy was released from prison he vowed to fight for national legalization of
cannabis and presidential pardons for first-time nonviolent drug offenders.

   Eddy’s served honorably in the U.S. Army during tail end of the Vietnam War. Eddy worked in
a military intelligence unit in Vietnam from 1969–1972. He quickly transitioned from serving
his country to serving Medical cannabis patients on grand scale simply unheard of before
legalization. Eddy is by definition a living legend in the Cannabis-Marijuanna industries.
Now it’s time to get into Eddy’s head and ask him a few questions.


Q: Have you beat cancer?

A: No, I’m currently surviving cancer with cannabis (2-4 grams of RSO per day) along side
rigorous radiation.


Q: While serving time in prison did you use cannabis? Was cannabis readily available?

A: No, I was too afraid to get caught and add time to my sentence. Yes of course there was all
kinds of drugs available all the time in prison.


Q: Best advice for that fresh out Veteran or Cannabis Patient wanting to do his/her part as an
activist?A: Young people need to live their truth truth to power truth to themselves live the the truth no


Q: How has so called “Legalization” turned out for Californians and Veterans in the Golden


A: Like it's turned out for everybody else not what we expected. Our vets should all be on a
sponsored program where their meds are free.


Q:How can Veterans living in California get involved in Activism?

A: There are many veterans organizations that are actively involved in cannabis activism
there are also many other groups that a vet can check out to be active.


Q: Through decades of activism can you tell me who influenced you the most. Who are Eddy
Lepp’s mentor’s.


A: Jack Herer, Dennis Peron, Valerie Corral, Pebbles Trippet, Brownie Mary

Q: When it all was said and done, how many years were you locked up for cannabis?

A: Eight years six months and two weeks in BOP.

Q: Were you able to get cannabis while in prison? Follow up question: was the weed good?

A: From what I understand the weed was excellent ot certainly smelled that way I was a
model prisoner and did nothing that would give those sons of bitches one reason to keep me
one second longer then they were entitled to. I had the oppressive boot with the full power
and might of the federal government on my neck for a total of 18 years.


Q: Do you believe you will see the end of Cannabis Prohibition in your lifetime?

A: I pray each and every day that not only will I see that but I will see cannabis treated fairly
like any other agricultural product.


Q: Where can Veterans reading this go to learn how to grow there own cannabis?

A: My answer would be the following: my darling Sandra Castaneda and her friend Carlos
Frazier have put together a complete package for beginning to grow. It is a series of videos
that are highly educational and beneficial to any grower, especially the rookie that wants to
learn the right way to do it. Oh and by the way my Darling Sandy just happens to be the very
first caregiver arrested, tried and acquitted under the umbrella of 215 so you can see we are
in fact a matched set.


Q: How long before California had consumption clubs for Cannabis?

A: Off and on for the last 20 yaers there have been clubs that we can smoke in. However,
sadly, like most of cannabis they were regulated right the fuck out of business. It is only a
matter of those how are so busy rapping this industry through there government agencies to do what I suggest and be done with it at the farming level. It is an agricultural crop and as it
progresses down the consumer line should be treated just like any other product beer,
cheese, wine ... bread.


Q: Favorite Cut of all time?

A: The original created by me og Eddy Lepp which I will be introducing shortly with the help of
my son Brett and the CA seed bank.