Candles With The Cure

Q) How did you arrive with the name 'Candle With the Cure™'?

A) The story behind the name is as simple as the double entendre that it is. After making my CBD oil
and adding it to the candle I made after working for a candle company. I took them to the 2016
SACCA in Phoenix, AZ for a few of the participants attending. As I was leaving I had one more candle
to give away and in the lobby was, Daron P. Babin, hosting an episode of Cannabis Radio. I handed
him a candle and we began a conversation about what I was doing. He stopped. Looking upward,
spreading hands, as looking at a vision from Heaven said, “Candle With The Cure! I see it!!” I walked
outside and built the site immediately while sitting in the parking garage. The CBD as a
neuroprotectant is a Cure to many of our Human ailments. Every candle ever made has a cure time that
is based on a number of variables. Adding CBD into the cure makes my candles the ‘Candle With The

Q) Do animals benefit from the Candles and if so, how?

A) Every animal with CB1 and CB2 receptors on their body may benefit from exposure to an
environment saturated in CBD being diffused by the candles I create. CBD is transmitted through our
endocannabinoid system. As soon as the nerve ending picks it up the CBD opens the channel
surrounding the nerves sheath. This allows the nerve to flush away toxins that build up from our daily
exposure to harmful items in the course of everyday activities. I find it a Peaceful addition to my
morning ritual. After my shower I burn my candle in the large walk-in closet I use for prayer and
meditation for 30 minutes. My pores are open so I get maximum skin being exposed to the air for the
entire time the candle is diffusing. I also apply the oil directly to my feet in the evening. While I sleep
my body finds homeostasis. Muscles relax and the CBD just flows through my body. My life has taken
a whole new path. I am most grateful to GOD Almighty for moving my hands and saving my Life with
this Maricle.

Q) For veterans trying this for their first time, what do you recommend as a dosage and regimen?
A) For each individual, depending on what the underlying condition is, the amount required to achieve
what I have is going to vary. I started slow and with consistently annotating how I was I am able to be
so moderate in my use that the cost out of pocket personally is insignificant by comparison to
everything that has been positive health wise in return for being moderate in my consistent application.
Q) Do you remember that moment when you came to the realization that the CBD candles were really
helping you?

A) I knew the moment I made the Oil, the first time I added it to the candle and used it I knew this
was why Jesus placed me here on Planet Earth at the moment he did. The LIGHT was so Luminous my Heart was Touched by Heaven. Today I pray that every candle pours out Love from Heaven to all
those it’s Light touches.

Q) Has this been a solo venture or has there been a mentor assisting you? If you want to give a shout
out to any that have helped you along your path, we would be happy to spread the word.
A) My mentor is Jesus. My Father, Mark Robert Ketterer, passed from ALS. A degenerative nerve
disease. In 2009 none of us were allowed to use CBD due to the policies put in place by the FDA but,
initially started with the institution of the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. What I refer to as the end of
WWII and the beginning of WWDrugs.

Q) How long have you been using these candles as therapy for your PTSD?

A) Since the 25th of May in 2016.

Q) Veterans are going to ask, "How can a candle help with my PTSD?

A) I can only attest to my own experience and that of those using them. They work! The body only
needs to be present for the endocannabinoid system to operate.

Q) Is there a particular strain of CBD that is used in your candles?

A) There is no strain to the cannabinoid CBD. It is found in every plant known as Hemp Cannabis.

Q) Are you accepting donations? If people want to assist you through donations of CBD or
other materials, how can they get a hold of you?


A) I am most grateful for any financial contributions as a servant of the World providing a vital
service to all who suffer, are Broken, Hopeless and Afraid. It is with humble gratitude that GOD
has Blessed me with a Heart to Heal the Sick and Love Everyone in Need. I am willing to
forward a Care Package for anyone who wants to share a Blessing of Loving Light to anyone
they know that may benefit from what I create. I may be reached by phone at 520-275-7457 or
email Any donations may be sent through Zelle to my number.
Please call if you have any questions. Your name will be added to my Daily Rosary.


Q) For our candle makers out there, is there a process you go by and can you share it?

A) My process is simple. I infuse my CBD oil into the batch in the step before pouring. All Chandlers
will understand. ;-)Q) What is your favorite strain of all time?


A) My personal favorite strain of cannabis of all time is Jack Herer. I like the cerebral effect. The
terpene profile is the best day starter from my experience. I prefer Sativa in general. Super Silver Haze
is a close second.


Q) Being that this is aroma therapy, what terpene profiles have you found to the best for you?

A) STOP!!! This is NOT aroma therapy. Our olfactory sense is our HIGHEST offended sense. I
personally have severe allergies to some fragrances. For this reason especially I NEVER infuse
anything other than CBD oil. There are no fragrances in my candles. Paraffin candle with CBD oil


Q) We have a Medical Market and we would like to offer your candles to our friends and family, what
can we expect to get for around $250.00?


A) $250 in candles is going to be an entire box Full of candles in any of 4 sizes. 20hr*=$10ea,
50hr*=$20ea, 100hr*=$25ea and 200hr*=$30ea.
*(approx burn durations when following all candle burning protocols. Keeping wick trimmed
to ¼”, mending wax to prevent running, only buring for duration recommended determined by
diameter of candle being used. 30 minutes for 20hr candles and not more than 1hr for 50hr and 100hr.
1 1/2hr for 200hr candles. Extinguish and allow to resolidify before next use.)


Q) Do you think we will ever see the end of Cannabis Prohibition?

A) I believe we are seeing it and have been since Alaska and California began the Green domino effect
for the country. Honestly since 21 April 2019 and the Lifetime Expiration of US6630507B1 we ALL
as Humans on Planet Earth are Free to use Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants!
#letyourlightshine #freetheweed


Q) On a personal side note, have you done any activism at your local or national level and are you
currently active in a movement to end Cannabis Prohibiton?


A) I am involved with the AZ Norml and have participated in rallies, walks, marches, gatherings,
protests, speeches, demonstrations and will continue to diligently, ardently and persistently be present
to get others involved in educating themselves and the public to the TRUTH. I encourage you to do all
that is possible to help anyone that may be suffering and in need to know they are NOT alone. I am
here and am grateful to be of service.Q) Also on a personal note, are their any studies that interested veterns can read that help support
your claims?


A) I would recommend a read of ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes’ - Jack Herer. Also do a read of
the US6630507B1 in its entirety. Then make an informed decision as to how they my benefit from
adding this to their healing routine.