About Us

Twenty22Many - Olympia is no longer operating as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that advocates on behalf of veterans to bring awareness to PTSD, Veteran Suicide, Alternative Medicines, Holistic Therapies and Education. Twenty22Many - Olympia's ‘Esprit de Corps’ is the centerpiece to our approach in ending veteran suicides. We strongly believe a life worth living for a veteran is a life filled with purpose and love, we try to always come from a place of love.


Twenty22Many was born out of the Medical Marijuana Collective Garden and Safe Access Point called Rainier Xpress. Rainier Xpress was one of the most successful Cannabis Shops in the history of Washington States medical cannabis market. Rainier Xpress set the standard for safe and reliable access to medical cannabis.


After Patrick became aware of the 22 daily suicides reported from the VA in 2013 is life's mission would be set in a new direction. Patrick was able to witness at Rainier Xpress first hand exactly what Cannabis was able to do for countless veterans as part of there healing process. At the rate of 22 daily suicides it is vitally clear that Pills and Alcohol (all veterans know when exiting the military) are a bigger part of the problem than not.


Knowing that Cannabis has never in the history of the world taken a human life and seeing Veterans transforming into different humans going from VA issued pills to cannabis was all he needed to start collaborating with other local Veterans and patients of Rainier Xpress. It was time to start calling in Veteran patients and asking them one by one if they were ready to start doing something bigger then themselves and start our fight to end the veteran suicide epidemic.


Shortly after Patrick and a handful of veterans started meeting once a week at Rainier Xpress and local coffee shops.  This is when Patrick and Randy teamed up and started what is now known as Twenty22Many-Olympia. The first mission Patrick brought to the table was getting PTSD added to Washington States List of Qualifying Conditions. This way all Veterans in the state could use cannabis freely without fear of losing military benefits.


Remarkably, within the first 6 months of our very first meeting we delivered the PTSD Bill to Sen. Hobbs that is now Law. Our first try at our first legislative session with our first Bill we were a success. Our PTSD Bill came out of the senate without one conflicting no vote. All because of the Veterans that got involved and provided our legislation with gut wrenching, true and heart felt testimony of how and why cannabis keeps Veterans alive and well.


To this day the only original Veterans from the first Twenty22Many meetings is Patrick and Randy. Twenty22Many continues to fight for veterans to this day with a different core of veterans. However, the mission stays the same. End Veteran Suicide, By All Means Necessary.


We strongly believe that Life for veterans is all about the man or woman standing to our right and/or to our left. We are losing veterans at the rate of 22 a day... On any scale that would be considered a failed system, of epic proportions. That system is as real as the air we breathe and it has a name, its called the VA.