2 Guns & A Guy Seed Company (Veteran Owned and Operated)

June Hightimes Article (Twenty22Many Veteran Chronicles)

   Welcome back to the June addition of the Twenty22Many Veteran Chronicles. This month I
have the incredible honor and privilege of telling you a story about one War Hero and his
amazing wife (Rich and Stephanie Olson). This couple has taken Cannabis Activism to a
whole new level by way of seeds, genetics and breeding. Calling them a “Power Couple” does
not fully define or represent what these two have endured and accomplished together since
they fell in love in high school nearly three decades ago.

   Definition of a War Hero: Rich Olson (U.S. Army) is a Silver Star, Bronze Star, Bronze Star
w/valor and Purple Heart recipient from his time in Iraq (1 Combat Tour) and Afghanistan (4
Combat Tours). 5 total combat tours. By far the most decorated veteran I have ever worked
with. Rich was medically discharged after being blown up by an IED in 2012. Rich’s wounds
were so severe and damaging he had to learn how to walk all over again on top of other
countless life changing injuries. A very sad and desperate time for him and his entire family.
Just like the VA has done to tens of thousands of veterans before him Rich was quickly put on
a regiment of deadly addictive pills. However, Rich would revert back to his pre Army years
and find Cannabis yet again. Ultimately putting away all the deadly pharmaceuticals being
pushed on him by the improvident VA. Now Rich the War Hero, proud father and husband
now finds comfort, solace and peace in Cannabis.

   Definition of a Victim of War on Drugs: Stephanie Olson was arrested in 2017 on Drug
Trafficking charges after police were called to her home because her husband was struggling
with a severe episode of PTSD. Instead of the police conducting a welfare check on a Veteran
in need. They arrived on site and arrested Stephanie on Drug Trafficking charges that 2 years
later and $20,000 in court fees were all dropped. A wonderful blessing for this family but very
typical of the failed war on drugs.

   From the tragedies of war and the life of a five time combat veteran to an epic battle won
against a failed Drug War attempt these two have persevered through it all. All the while
raising 4 beautiful children. Including one child with Down Syndrome who absolutely loves
helping mom and dad in supporting veterans in need. Through it all Stephanie earned a
college degree in psychology. How inspiring.

   Now I welcome you to their important work with and for veterans. 2 Guns And A Guy Seed
Company. 2 Guns And A Guy is a combat veteran owned and operated specialty seed
company. Rich does all the breeding and Stephanie does all the rest. They will be the first to
tell you their company is based on American traditions and values. Always proud to offer
organic sustainable seeds for the desired needs of Veterans and American Civilian Medical
Cannabis Patients. They have the unique and very cool ability to provide genetic lines straight
from the battlefields of the war on terror. Yes, Afghanistan. The birth place of some of the best
cannabis genetics in the world. Bringing back genetics from Afghanistan, a country decimated
by war for generations is absolutely incredible. The epitome of turning a negative into a
positive. Just like so many other Veteran owned and operated organizations I have had the honor of working with, this one is no different in the fact that there is nothing they won’t do for
a veteran in need anywhere in the world.

Let’s get into the Q&A with this amazingly resilient couple. Rich and Stephanie Olson.

Q: What does 2 Guns and a guy stand for?

A: 2 Guns was my nickname and call sign earned in war, it’s a really good story!
And a guy is our son Johnathan. Our goal for him is when he is of age, he will be
able to be a more active part of this company and community.


Q: I love your saying “Green and Sober”. A play on words from “Clean and Sober” I
imagine? Tell our readers how that came to be.


A: “Green and Sober” came to be after being injured in combat on my 5th
deployment and my job as an infantryman in the army came to an end. I trusted
the doctors and was prescribed 12 different medications and ended up getting on
the pill hamster wheel. After being retired the doctors at the VA said they do not
have medication that “treats” PTSD and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). I did a self-
assessment and looked around at all the other veterans suffering. All I saw was
rampant drinking, suicides, divorces, legal problems, money problems and the list
goes on, from the pills and booze. That’s when I decided to leave the state of NY
and move to Massachusetts where it was a legal medical marijuana state and
obtained my medical card. Pills and weed don’t mix, alcohol and weed don’t mix,
those things do not work but cannabis does, that is why it’s important to be “Green
and Sober”. To keep from PTSD derailing me green and sober is critical. No
booze, no pills ever and regimented treatment of medical marijuana is key to a
successful life when living with severe PTSD.


Q: How often did you come across cannabis fields in Afghanistan?

A: Quite often. I came across small private grows to large commercial grows in all
different parts of Afghanistan.


Q: What genetics did you bring back from Afghanistan and are they all available
through your organization?


A: I have any different types of genetics that were sourced from Afghanistan
currently in my personal stash. Lined up for future breeding projects.


Q: What’s your favorite strain of all time?

A: That is hard to answer because they are so many good ones out there. If I had
to pick one that would be my “go to” it would be my Combat Cookies. I call it a
PTSD destroying super strain.Q: Do you see Cannabis Prohibition ending during this presidential cycle?


A: I pray for federal legalization often; this is something that is long overdue. I hope
that it will be happening this will happen during this administration.


Q: Through my research I see that you have created a CBD infused topical for veterans.
What can you tell us about it?


A: The Organic CBD Pain cream I make has been helpful for many veterans. It is made
with all organic ingredients, made with high-quality American made CBD. What has
been helpful is that it is THC free. That is nice for some individuals that currently work at
jobs where they have to do urinalysis, this is safe for them to use. With the success of
the organic CBD Pain cream I made a heat version. This is made with capsicum oil; it
dulls the pain while making the area warm. I make all of this myself; I love getting all the
feedback from the veterans that it helps, it truly means the world to me to them in any
way that I can. Sample sizes of both versions gets included with every veteran order no
matter what.


Q: In 2017 the police were called to your home for an unfortunate PTSD episode with
your husband. Why in your opinion did the police visit go from a welfare check on a
veteran in need to Drug Trafficking charges?


A: This is tough because everything to do with this situation was wrong. It is in my
opinion that they could smell the ventilation and needed to make up an excuse to go in
the house. I was not home. The neighbor called to help out my husband. My husband’s
uncle was also there to help him. My husband’s uncle told the police I was not home,
gave them my phone number and they called and spoke to me. AFTER hanging up with
me they had to go in the house to look for me. THEN they saw tents and requested a
warrant. Ironically once they saw the tents they suddenly stopped “looking for me”.
THEN the same police officer called me again to tell me don’t bother coming home.
They have obtained a search warrant for our home. And then that turned into more lies.
Therefore, all charges were dismissed, and property returned, because it was all based
on lies.


Q: You have a son with Down syndrome. You also are a big advocate for Down
Syndrome. I’m sure our readers are curious to know, does cannabis help with down


A: There are a significant amount of studies and research that shows cannabis has
been found to help individuals with Down syndrome suffering from pain, sleep,
gastrointestinal issues, impulsivity and difficulty maintaining attention and even seizures.


Q: How can our readers get involved in advocating for Down Syndrome?

A: One of the biggest things I have had to advocate for is acceptance and inclusion.
There are individuals with Down Syndrome that go on to get married, have children, get
their license, and become business owners. Just like cannabis, there Is still a stigma surrounding DS. Readers can get involved by getting involved in their local DS council
or agency. Ours is MDSC the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Council. That is a
platform to advocate, volunteer and read stories of success.


Q: Should Down Syndrome be on the list of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis


A: Yes, absolutely!

Q: Looking back on the day you were arrested. Is there anything you would have done
differently that night that would have changed the outcome?


A: No. I say no because we did not do anything wrong. I had to go pick up my son from
school, that is something I had to do. I do look back and wonder if I was home would
things happened differently. In my opinion the police wanted to come in and were just
looking for an excuse, they got their excuse that day. I thought I did everything right by
having my husband’s uncle there as a support person and to ensure nothing would go
wrong (the police would not come). But the neighbor (Marine veteran) heard yelling and
just wanted to make sure everything was okay. That turned into having to get a hotel for
the night our children had no clothes to change into or to change into to go to school the
next morning, tooth brushes etc, Then to come home to our home complexly destroyed
and arrest warrants on the counter. This is a hard story to share, however I know it is an
important story to share because it happens way too often to veterans. Something that
has stuck with me is something my husband said, "I treated terrorist homes with more
respect than they treated our home".


   In closing I want to thank you both for your incredible and selfless sacrifice to this beautiful
country. You truly are an inspiration to fellow activists.