"By All Means Necessary - End Veteran Suicide"


A 2012 Study by the VA estimates that 22 Veterans die from suicide every single day in America. These numbers do not reflect suicides from active duty or reservists. TWENTY22MANY has proudly and distinctively been a loud voice for the fallen 22 at both the local and national level since 2014. In the past two decades we have lost over a hundred and sixty thousand veterans to suicide. In one of the wealthiest countries in the entire world, this is simply UNACCEPTABLE! TWENTY22MANY will not rest until every Veteran in every state has complete and full access to medical cannabis. All Veterans are created equal! If a Veteran in one state is allowed to survive using cannabis then all Veterans In all states deserve that same right.

How We Help Veterans

Education, service dog program, financial, military benefits, entertainment, fellowship, arts and crafts, yoga and Esprit de Corps.


Who We Are

Twenty22Many is Washington States first grass-roots, all volunteer, veteran suicide prevention and PTSD & medical cannabis awareness organization. We accept all people no matter sexual orientation, gender, race or spirituality. Please note we are NOT a cannabis dispensary.


What We Do

We provide support, education, healing, shelter and harm reduction to veterans and their families in our local community by continuously advocating at a local and national level for safe reliable access to medical cannabis for all veterans.


What We Have Accomplished

1) Hand delivered the PTSD Bill to Sen. Hobbs that is now law in Washington State. The veterans of Twenty22many are proudly responsible for PTSD being added to Washington's States list of qualifying conditions for medical Cannabis use.

2) The veterans of Twenty22Many have been awarded "Volunteers of the Year Award" twice for our continuing efforts in keeping the parks and sidewalks of Olympia clean.

3) Continuously and unselfishly always providing a safe haven and shelter for homeless veterans and their spouses.

4) Created the states first FREE Medical Cannabis Program through our Twenty22Many Veteran Support Depot Program.

Our Goals

Raise local and national awareness about the 8,000+ veteran suicides happening every year in America.


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